Voodoo Dude Adult Costume


You can transform into a master of dark magic this Halloween with this Voodoo Dude Costume for Adults! This 100% polyester costume comes in sizes small to XL.

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A ChantPapa Legba, Open the gate for me Atibon Legba, Open the gate for me Open the gate for me Papa that I may pass When I return I will thank the LoaYeah, so, we’re gonnnnna stop ya right there. That’s enough voodoo for us!! But if you’d like to cast spells, create hexes, and practice old school voodoo, there’s not going to be a better look to accomplish it in than this Adult Voodoo Dude costume. This off-the-wall look will transform you into a character who’s ready to slowly torture the poor souls who fall out of his favor.Product DetailsWith a stylish suit coat, and macabre details that only a true voodoo practitioner would show off, no one is going to have any trouble identifying you as a master of the dark arts. A molded skull mask and foam hat will keep your real identity safely hidden, and printed details and a false vest front add just the right touches. Add a few prop accessories like a snake and a voodoo doll (depicted accessories sold separately), and you’re sure to find yourself casting real hexes in no time. Give your loved ones a warning before you put on this costume, because we’re sure there’s going to be some wicked spells going down!

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