Voodoo Doll Dress Costume for Toddlers


Use your toddler’s cuteness to strengthen her voodoo magic when they dress up in this Toddler Voodoo Doll Dress Costume. Just hope that they do not have a doll of you to control you!

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What a DollYou already think your kiddo is made of magic, so imagine how you’ll feel when you see them decked out in this unique Toddler Voodoo Doll Dress Costume!Of course, you don’t really want to teach your child the complex art of voodoo right now — you’re still working on simple things, like sharing at the playground, putting away their toys, and including everyone in a game — but you must admit this costume is the perfect mix of eerie and adorable to help your kid shine this Halloween! Trust us, your tot will love their “creepy dolly” look on All Hallow’s Eve as much as you do, and that’s without their knowledge of all the power their little doll really possesses. Trust us, you don’t want to give a toddler too much power too soon…it leads to mayhem, and not the fun Halloween kind.Design & DetailsDesigned by our crafty in-house costume team, this exclusive look creates a head-to-toe transformation that’s a real stitch! The dress is a combination of tan lace and fuzzy velour, with a bow at the neck, visible stitching on the seams, and voodoo targets in red. The matching leggings have similar stitched details, and the foot covers give your child “dolly” feet, instantly. The hood is the real “eye” catcher, with button eyes and a red bow that are awesomely unsettling.Keep An Eye OutNow, if your kiddo starts chanting behind closed doors or you find spellbooks or needles laying around, then remove the costume from their care for a few days. The magic of this look is totally enchanting, and strange things are known to happen on Halloween! 

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