Vintage Umpire Men’s Costume


Strike One!! Strike Two!! Strike Three!! And You’re Out!! Get a classic baseball look this Halloween when you wear this Men’s Vintage Umpire Costume.

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Batter Up!Modern baseball is great—the eclectic food choices, the variety of merchandise, the jumbotron— but if you could go back in time, you’d prefer to visit the ballpark in days gone by. Things used to be simpler and in your mind, that would have added a special level of fun to a game. No phones to distract you, no selfies to be taken, no T-shirt cannons, or microbrewed beer. Just good clean American fun! Yep, you would love to travel back to the golden age of baseball, but you wouldn’t want to sit up in the bleachers, munching a hot dog and heckling the pitcher.No, you want to be in on the action! There’s nothing more all-American than a sunny summer baseball game, and there’s nothing more imperative to keeping that tradition alive than a good ump to make all the right calls! That’s why this Men’s Vintage Umpire Costume will help you blend into your new surroundings and play a key roll in your favorite sport! Design & DetailsThis vintage-inspired costume takes its cues straight from the umps’ uniforms of the early 20th century! Can’t you just feel the retro flair coming from this costume? That’s because umpires used to show up to a game dressed like they were headed to the office, in formal business wear. So top your best suit in the signature protective gear of the trade, in this case, a face mask, chest pad, and era-appropriate cap. But be sure to perfect your eye for calling balls and strikes—no figure is more celebrated or demonized for his expert opinions at the ballpark than the ump!Good Call So, get suited up and get out there, the teams need you to be able to play, and play fair! Sadly, we can’t help you travel back in time (yet), but we’re glad that this vintage umpire costume helps you live out your nostalgic baseball dreams!

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