Victorian Steampunk Lady Costume for Girls


Show your girl power with this Girl’s Steampunk Victorian Lady Costume! This costume is a perfect idea for a unique outfit that’s sure to stun on Halloween.

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Lady of IndustryEsther the Magnificent may be young but she knows how to put together an invention better than anyone in the Steam Punk scene. When Uncle Arnold wanted to teach his pet skunk to carry groceries home, she created a little halter and a cart that fit the creature and had such a smooth ride that even a loose egg wouldn’t break. She conquered Rube Goldberg machines from a young age from breakfast machines to a contraption that fed the dog when he rang a bell. People flock to Esther the Magnificent whenever they need want an interesting one of a kind contraption that’s sure to impress everyone in their dignified mechanical circle. Design & DetailsThis Made by Us costume combine the lady-like qualities of the Victorian era with a modern, mechanical twist that’s perfect for the Steam Punk scene. The top is rich with white lace that has ruches along the bodice and puffed sleeves. An overskirt falls from your child’s hips and around their legs for a long dress feels that allows your child to move smoothly. A cog and gear corset vest is layered over the top of a white dress, giving your look a fit that looks timeless. Vertically striped leggings and matching cog and gear boots covers finish the look off for a fashionable flair!If You Could Turn Back TimeIt’s a lot of fun to reimagine the past. Wouldn’t it be great if there really were steam-powered snail buses and empowered women inventors in the Victorian era? You can have fun with topping this costume off with Steampunk accessories such as canes, goggles, and gear jewelry. Think your kid is ready to explore the world as a tough Steampunk character? This costume is lush with details and a fun fit that’ll make your child excited to face the past! 

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