Venus Flytrap Jawesome Costume Hat


I have never been a big fan of plants growing up, but there is something about the Venus Flytrap that makes me like it. Maybe it’s the Venus Flytrap Jawesome Costume Hat that makes me like them?

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Evolving AudreyA few of our office staff take horticulture to the next level. Mere succulents at the desk aren’t enough. Not one of them is satisfied with your average philodendron. Even a fully flowering cactus still leaves them a bit thorny. But, you know what they say about pet owners that end up looking a bit like their furry friends? Let’s just say we couldn’t have predicted what would have happened next. It started in Accounting. Audrey was looking just a bit green. (And then viny.) The good news is that there are zero office flies and the rest of the office plants are in full bloom! Product DetailsIf you’ve got a bit of a green thumb and want to help spread your love for plants to the rest of your friends, you can’t go wrong with this Venus Flytrap Jawesome Hat! Pop your head through the bottom hole and into the elastic cap on the top of this unique costume hat. The whole thing is designed to look like a real-to-live man-eating plant! Thanks to the felt teeth and curly vines, you’ll be all smiles.Greens for DinnerWhen you give a planter twist to your style thanks to this Jawesome Hat, you’ll be one with vegetation everywhere. The only question is whether snacking on broccoli is a moral quandary. We doubt anybody will argue with what kind of diet you have when they get a look at your toothy grin, though! 

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