Velvet Riding Hood Cape


Finish off your costume with the Velvet Riding Hood Cape. The perfect addition to any Little Red Riding Hood costume!

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Watch Out, WolfWe’ve heard the tale of Little Red Riding Hood a million times. Some clueless girl wanders through the woods with a basket full of goodies to bring to her grandmother’s house. Once she gets there, she’s easily duped by a wolf wearing granny’s clothing and has to be saved by a nearby huntsman. Well, we think that story is kind of old-fashioned and boring! This year, why don’t we retell the tale. Instead of being outsmarted by a dimwitted wolf, what if Little Red Riding Hood is a cunning trickster who gets the drop on the wolf before he even makes it to Granny’s house? Well, you’re going to need a cape with some attitude if you want to tell that story!Design & DetailsThis Velvet Riding Hood Cape is a classic cape with a touch of attitude. The cape is made out of velvet and features white lace edging. You can wear the hood over your head to help intimidate that Big Bad Wolf of the woods, or wear it off so Grandma can see your shining face. Just pair it up with any of our Red Riding Hood costumes for a new spin on a classic costume!

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