Vampirina Vampirina Ghoul Toddler Classic Costume


You’re little ghoul will have a blast in her Toddler Vampirina Ghoul Classic Costume. Bonus points if she wears it to ballet class too. This costume is perfect for Halloween.

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Young Gothic TalentYou always wanted your children to be talented. It didn’t matter if they’re talents lay in sports or art. You’d be happy with both. Attending pee-wee football games for your toddler or hanging A+ art class assignments on the fridge would be endless fun. You’d have been excited if your little one showed interest and skill at cooking that rivaled all the stars on children’s cooking competitions, plus you’d get to enjoy inventive baked goods. It would be totally acceptable if your toddler was great at something simple, like their chores. And you would love hearing all their stories if they had an impressive writing ability. However, while you’re in no way disappointed in their musical talents, you were a bit surprised to learn that your toddler has discovered their own brand of goth-pop inspired by Disney Junior’s Vampirina cartoons.Your toddler is great at turning containers of blocks into drums and rubber-banded tissue boxes into guitars. But most impressively, they’ve got a set of lungs on them that give your toddler an adorable but haunting singing voice, just like Vampirina. Embrace it! You may just have the next big act on your hands.Product DetailsGet your toddler ready to own the spotlight with this Vampirina Ghoul Classic Costume. The officially licensed ensemble lets them become their musical inspiration for playtime and Halloween alike. Start their look with the knee-length purple dress that’s modeled after Vampirina’s favorite performance outfit. The glittery black spider-web pattern and bright white fang-printed collar give the simple dress a playful look while the uneven hems keep it just spooky enough for a growing vampire. The included fingerless gloves give the costume a rock star edge. Complete your toddler’s look with the bat-tail headband.Vampire PlaytimeIf your little one is a fan of Vampirina, they’ll love this Vampirina Ghoul Costume! They’ll be ready to transform into their favorite Disney Junior character and put on a Ghoul Girl performance of their own every time they wear this playful vampire look!

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