Unisex Tinky Winky Teletubbies Costume


Dress up as your favorite 90s kid show character Tinky Winky from the Teletubbies in the Adults Tinky Winky Teletubbies Costume! Now go get your purse!

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Giant FunIf there was ever any doubt about whether childhood memories can be faulty, Tinky Winky proves this truth once and for all. When we think of the Teletubbies, cute, pint-sized individuals the size of toddlers come to mind. In reality, though, Tinky Winky is 10 FEET TALL. Imagine! This sweet-faced creature is the height of a regulation basketball hoop! Just think of all the mischief Tinky Winky could have wreaked had he not chosen to be a beloved children’s icon. “Tinky Winky – Unstoppable Wrestler,” or “The Giant, Baby-Faced Gangster,” might have played on prime-time television. We know we’d watch those shows!Product DescriptionWhether you plan to bring joy and smiles to those around you or terrorize them with your huge purple stature, your exclusive, officially licensed Adults Tinky Winky Teletubbies Costume has you covered! The 100 percent polyester fleece jumpsuit is stuffed with fiberfill to give you Tinky Winky’s huggable roly-poly shape. An attached headpiece has a hook and loop fastener under the chin to keep it firmly in place whether you are handing out hugs or stomping on cars downtown. The attached triangular antenna on top of the headpiece is also stuffed with fiber to keep it upright. Elastic bands secure the foot covers under your shoes. The attached foam mitts are perfect for waving to friends or batting away your WWE opponent!Tall Drink of Grape JuiceRegardless of his height, Tinky Winky certainly knows how to cherish his friendships and enjoy each day. This sweet and silly Teletubbies costume will help you do the same! Just make sure that you don’t step on anyone at parties.

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