Unicorn Quirky Kawaii Hat


Pirce the sky with your horn while wearing this Unicorn Quirky Kawaii Hat. Let your kid run around as a magical unicorn when they put on this hat.

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Unicorns: Universally LovedEveryone knows that unicorns are one of the most beloved mythical creatures around. Then when you go ahead and make one of those majestic fabled steeds the size of a house cat it only becomes more adorable. But what do you do with that? We’ll tell you. You hope that you can find one that will sit on your little one’s head as a charming little hat… You’re welcome!Details and DesignThis cute headpiece is made up of 100 percent polyester fabric. There is also polyurethane foam within this hat in order to give it a plump little snout as well as a glorious golden horn. The beautiful blue hair of the miniature unicorn is made up of faux fur material. Finally, there is a size adjuster inside the hat so it can securely sit upon the head of your child.To Cuteness and BeyondIt is time to take your kid’s cuteness to a whole new level. Your kiddo is about a cute as they come so obviously there is no way to make them any cuter. Wrong! We have figured it out. All you need to do is add one of these Unicorn Quirky Kawaii Hats to the top of their heads. Suddenly their cuteness ratings will go off the chart!

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