Unicorn Costume Front Hooves Silver


Add these magical Unicorn Costume Front Hooves Silver to your costume! Why are they magical? Because they are foldable at the fingers so you don’t have to give up any control of them!

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Have you ever noticed that we have dozens of different kinds of magical horses? Like, sure, we have a lot of mysterious magical creatures in our mythology. No argument, there. Everything from creepy half-rabbit creatures to elegant sea monsters living in big lakes. Flying spaghetti monsters are canon, even! But, if you look at all of the cryptids that we talk about, how many of them are based on the horse?We’ve got the hippocampus, a much more literal seahorse that has the top half of a horse and the bottom half of a fishtail. There are the centaur, of course, the iconic half-men with horse bodies. Epona is a Celtic horse goddess, Falhofnir and Sleipnir are mystical horses of Norse legend and Pegasus is a flying horse straight out of ancient Greek mythology. There are even monsters like the Nuckelavee of Scotland that runs around terrifying folks without any skin! But, no matter how many mysterious and magical horses we’ve got out there, only one is the true king of legend: the unicorn. And we’ve got your chance to really assume that role with this set of Silver Unicorn Costume Front Hooves!Once you become the most magical of fairytale horses you get to choose one more thing. Are you a unicorn—already a mighty mystical steed—or will you create a brand new legend all about yourself!? We’ll be over here rooting for you, bud. Don’t forget us when your name is plastered all over an epic poem, or something.

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