Under Wraps Mummy Costume for Girls


Rise from your tomb and have some fun in our Girl’s Under Wraps Mummy Costume. This costume features a one-piece mummy suit with additional bandages for good measure.

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PUT A BANDAGE ON IT?How do you imagine the first mummy really came to be? Now, history tells us that it might have been a strange accident that happened by folks living in a particularly dry area some 5000 years ago, but the practice of wrapping them up and taking exceptional care of the body certainly developed with intention! We like to imagine that it is similar to a caring parent eager to ensure that their kiddo feels better. Get a boo-boo? Time for a bandage and they’re all better! So, if you are an ancient Egyptian priest looking to make sure that your beloved Pharoah is going to be safe and secure for all eternity, we figure that they realized it was going to take way more than just one bandage! Seems like a pretty solid way to make a happy Pharoah as they head off to play with the other dynastic rulers, right? Now, we’re sure that your kiddo won’t need a full-body bandage to comfort a bruise or scrape, but we imagine it’ll do wonders for their fun! DESIGN & DETAILSPrepare for thousands of years of fun with this Under Wraps Mummy costume. Our in-house design team takes costume making seriously and that’s why this Made by Us costume has some seriously choice materials! This costume is a printed bodysuit made to look like it is a series of long strips of gauze and bandage. It has real gauze sewn throughout the costume that you can wrap and tie however you like. This is sure to give your little mummy an authentically aged look, with the added benefit of being comfy and easy to wear! The headwrap is a long piece of lighter gauze to finish off the style.AN ETERNITY OF FUNThe best part of a mummy costume is that if your kiddo does bump into anything, they’re already bandaged up! With such protection, the fun just keeps going on! (Okay, maybe this look won’t last thousands of years, but with design quality like this, your mummy will be spooking up the season for years to come, at least!) 

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