Under the Lid Scary Clown Peel ‘N Place Decal Decoration


If you have a guest bathroom and want to pull a fun prank just place this Under the Lid Scary Clown Peel ‘N Place Decal on the underside of your toilet lid. Your guest will pull it up for a spooky surprise.

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No ThanksLet’s all just agree once and for all that there are only a few places that we’re happy to see a clown. These places are a child’s birthday party, a circus, a tiny car, or a unicycle. That’s it. If we see a clown anywhere else – let’s say a dark alley, a storm sewer, or a toilet – we’re definitely going to scream and run. Product DetailsGive family and friends a scary shock with this Under the Toilet Lid Scary Clown Peel ‘N Place Decoration! The easy-to-apply, safe-to-remove accessory depicts a closeup of a clown with an open, snarling mouth and mossy green teeth.  

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