Two-Tone Popstar Wig for Adults


Take the stage or take to the town in this Adult Two-Tone Popstar Wig. You’ll definitely make a statement.

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sonic diversityThere are diehard fans in each genre of music, from jaunty polka tunes to hardcore metal. But everyone can agree that one type of music transcends the tides of time and is sure to be just as much a classic fifty years from now as when it first exploded onto the music scene. We’re talking, of course, about pop music. Everyone knows that pop musicians are never just a fad or a one-hit wonder. No, pop music is just as meaningful years later, even when the references are extremely dated and the slang isn’t in common usage anymore.product detailsIt makes total sense, then, that you want to become the world’s most famous pop singer. We’re excited for your career, which surely will be pepper with hit after hit of songs you wrote yourself. You can sing about stuff that really resonates with your audience and was never covered by other songs, like first kisses and painful heartbreaks. No song can sound better than your song when you’re wearing this Two Tone Popstar Wig, though. We don’t know what it is; it just draws folks in and won’t let them leave. The faux hair wig is a two-tone black-and-white wig with a bow attached to the top. Throwing it atop your noggin is like imbuing you with the spirit of one of the all-time great pop artists!

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