Tweedle Dee Dum Dress Costume for Kid’s


Be a part of the Alice in Wonderland crew with this Kid’s Tweedle Dee/Dum Dress Costume. make sure you have your look-a-like dressed in the same costume to complete the look!

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All Booked UpYour child is a bit of a bookworm. When you asked them what they wanted for their birthday, they asked for more bookshelves in their room. They have not one but three Oxford English dictionaries making up their bedside table. And they’ve never even heard of Netflix.Coooooool. Your kid sounds pretty awesome. It’s not a surprise then, with all that reading, that they want a literary Halloween costume this year. Something playful and classic, and not too obvious! Well, look no further than this adorable Kid’s Tweedle Dee / Tweedle Dum Costume. In it, your child can become a fun part of a group Alice in Wonderland costume theme at school, or they can bop around the neighborhood trick or treating. It’s just a shame people don’t give out books instead of candy. Product DetailsThis exclusive costume calls to mind the twins from Lewis Carroll’s classic Through the Looking Glass, but with a fun twist! The shirt and jumper combo look totally cute and fresh and fun to wear. The yellow shirt has a big Peter Pan collar, a huge blue bow, and decorative buttons, while the red skirt has attached suspender straps and an elastic waistband for easy wear. The baseball hat can be adjusted and comes with a wacky-cute little flag on top. Tell your kid to team up with a bestie for the full twin combo, or let them act out both parts all day!Read All About ItThe best part of this costume is actually the time leading up to Halloween. Your child will want to re-read their favorite book with you before bed night after night, to brush up on the details. Nothing beats that quality time with your little bookworm!

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