Trolls World Tour Women’s Poppy Costume


Everyone will be bowing to you this year as Queen Poppy with this Trolls World Tour Women’s Poppy Costume! This costume features a blue knee length dress with a darker blue ruffle on the edge of the skirt.

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Trolls Wanna Have Good TimesThe Queen of Pop has arrived! Poppy is the fun-loving ruler of her beloved subjects the Trolls. Besides singing like a star, her special talent is making others happy. Leading awesome musical numbers that cheer up anyone who hears them? Arranging a blind date for Bridget and Prince Gristle that would be the start of an epic romance? Check. Celebrating differences while foiling Barb’s evil plot to turn the trolls into Rock Zombies? Double-check! Everything is happier when you’re not a zombie.Product DescriptionGet ready to sing your heart out in your Poppy Trolls World Tour Women’s Costume! Channel the Trolls queen’s colorful sense of style when you wear this bright blue knee-length sleeveless dress with scalloped edges. The skirt is decorated with silver stars and flower petals. A matching blue petticoat peeks out from beneath the dress’s rickrack trim to give you extra flounce and bounce! The dress is made of 100 percent polyester velour so that you’ll be as huggable as you are adorable. The hot pink wig sports Poppy’s perky ponytail and pointed ears. It secures to your head with a mesh cap and elastic band so that you can shake it while you sing!It’s All LoveWith her spunky personality and singing pipes, it’s no wonder that Poppy is such a favorite character! Whether practicing diplomacy to unite all Trolls or taking the stage to celebrate pop music, you’ll be a sensation as the Trolls’ beloved queen!

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