Trolls World Tour Girl’s Classic Poppy Costume


Know a little girl who has a love for singing and dancing that could rival Queen Poppy herself? We think she will love this Trolls World Tour Girl’s Classic Poppy Costume for all her costumed adventures!

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Sing Your Heart OutAll hail the Queen of the Pop Trolls! There is something fishy going on in the world of Troll music. Something happened to the Techno Trolls and the Classical trolls, and it’s up to Poppy to figure out what is happening and save the day. Did your child love the music-filled world of the new Trolls movie? Then get your child singing and dancing to any genre in this Trolls World Tour Girl’s Classic Poppy Costume! Whether your child likes pop music or country or jazz, there is space for all kinds of music in Poppy’s vision for the Troll country.Product DetailsThis silky polyester dress is bright, blue, and royal, just like Poppy’s. Your daughter is probably not a bright pink, but they will glow in this dress all the same! The fabric features the same tulip pattern along the hem of the dress, while the top has a crossover style bodice, complete with blue sequins. And let’s not forget the headpiece! This elastic band holds a pink wig, pink ears, and Poppy’s blue crown, everything needed to complete the look. All your child needs now is some glitter freckles—and maybe a pink nose, just for fun! Music Is For EveryoneWhether someone likes Funk, Classical, Heavy Metal, Pop…their voice matters. Any music at all is valid and should be accessible to all. As Poppy says, “real harmony takes lots of voices,” and those voices shouldn’t all sound the same! So grab your best music player and take this tour on the road for Halloween or any costume party. The Trolls soundtrack has music for everyone, and it might make a great trick or treating soundtrack, too! Let your child sing and dance their way through the evening as they collect all of their sweet treats. 

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