Trolls World Tour Boy’s Deluxe Branch Costume


Are you feeling the beat? Got a song in your heart? Well sing out and bring the tribes of music together in the Trolls World Tour Boy’s Deluxe Branch Costume!

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Can’t Stop the FeelingUgh, having a crush is the worst sometimes! You can’t eat. You can’t sleep. You eagerly await the chance to spend time with your beloved, but when you’re together, your tongue ties itself in knots. You may do something spectacularly stupid, like walk into a street sign or forget the words to your favorite song. Plus, you can barely sing past the butterflies in your stomach. Branch has it worse than the rest of us because his crush is Queen Poppy. Telling her how he feels is scary! Fortunately, Queen Poppy secretly returns his affections. All Branch needs is a little courage to find the happiness he seeks!Design & DetailsExpress yourself in the best possible way when you wear your officially licensed Trolls World Tour Deluxe Branch Costume for Boys! This 100 percent polyester velour jumpsuit is a soft blue-grey because Branch, though loveable, prefers to be a grump and his skin reflects his mood. Vest panels sewn to the jumpsuit’s sides and shoulders have braid trim and faux leather shoulder patches, showing Branch’s rugged sense of style. An attached pair of brown shorts are dashingly decorated with patches. Add the wig with the Trolls’ signature upright hairstyle for extra authenticity! Attached foam ears stick out from either side of the hair because Branch’s ears are unique among the Trolls. They went from pointing straight up to sticking out to the side when he decided to be a crank. Maybe a hug from Poppy will return them to their rightful positions!Just SingNot even becoming a rock zombie can stop Branch’s affection for Poppy. It also inspires some of his best tunes! Try a sweet serenade to get the Troll Queen to notice you – we guarantee good results!

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