Trolls World Tour Adult Mens Branch Costume


Whether you are headed out with Queen Poppy or going to your costume-themed event solo, we think Trolls World Tour Men’s Branch Costume will really be music to your ears!

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Bah Humbug Let’s get honest. You’re not a pessimist – you’re a realist. While the other trolls are dancing around and throwing glitter everywhere, you’re considering everything that could go wrong. It’s not being a party pooper. It’s being careful! Someone has to be the one to say “I told you so.”If you’re a crank, a crab, a grump, a grumbler, a worrywart, or a cynic, Branch just might be your spirit animal! Things have been looking up for him lately, though. Ever since he started dating Queen Poppy, Branch can’t quite hide his occasional smile. But don’t worry! He’ll never quite lose his trademark “I-just-smelled-something-terrible” face.Product Details Get your glum groove on in this Men’s Trolls World Tour Branch Costume! You’ll be dourly dapper in this 100 percent polyester jumpsuit the color of Branch’s bluesy skin. Vest panels with stylin’ faux leather shoulder patches and Branch’s brown patchy shorts are sewn to the jumpsuit’s shoulder and side seams so it will stay in place no matter how many jump splits you do. Add the spiky blue wig with the attached foam ears and start singing!Huggable Oddball No matter how many challenges you face or how many Rock Zombies try to steal your magic guitar strings, happiness is inside all of us, but we sometimes need a little help finding it. That’s what this costume is for! We dare you not to be happy while wearing your Men’s World Tour Branch Costume! Just like Branch, though, you may decide to hide your good mood. We won’t tell.

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