Trolls Adult Plus Size King Peppy Costume


Bring home the magic and fun this Halloween with the Trolls Adult Plus Size King Peppy Costume. It’s time to let your daughter take over the kingdom!!

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Run, Run As Fast As You Can!Are you a wise, history-loving leader with a penchant for song, ruling over a tribe of neon-haired munchkins? No? Well, do you believe that the best way to face your problems – from a ringing alarm clock to an overfull laundry hamper – is to run away? Of COURSE! You might be getting a little older and a tad forgetful, but that doesn’t matter because your eye is always on the prize: Singing and celebrating your way through life!The friendly yet fearful King Peppy of the Troll Tribe is the spirit animal of us all. Not even cannibalistic neighbors can get him down. When the hungry Bergens threaten, why stay to get eaten? Living in a forest with plenty of guitar riffs and crown-approved holidays sounds like the perfect life choice. Peppy’s good humor and sagacious advice are always available for his queenly daughter Poppy (along with the promise of a getaway car!)Product DescriptionDon the musical powers and running speed of the lovable former Troll King with this officially licensed Trolls Adult Plus Size King Peppy Costume. The pink hair and moustache combined with orange skin and a green vest are sure to please your humble minions, or at least blind them while you make your getaway. The pants are comfortable enough for you to bust out your signature jump-split while you sing along to H.U.G.G.’s comeback tour. Add a sparkly microphone to your look and get poppin’! No daughter can say “Dad, your singing is embarrassing!” because making awesome music is literally your job description!The Beat Goes OnAwe and astonish your friends as Troll Village’s retired but still rad king, who spreads cheer and chuckles with his pitch-perfect pipes and his famously fabulous holidays like “Funsgiving.” This costume is so fantastic you might just have to institute a holiday to celebrate yourself!

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