Tracy Turnblad 60s Wig


Can you hear that? It’s time to get your boogie on and dance the night away in our Tracy Turnblad 60s Wig! This wig features the classic beehive hair do in a blonde and brunette combination, complete with a pink hairbow.

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a Do for a Bop!Great dance moves call for a great hairdo! A hairdo that’s going to stay in place whether you’re dancing a simple Lindy Hop or you’re flipping out with a Frankie Snatch. The flappers knew this, they had the bob. And don’t the swingers know it too? Just like they’re dancing, they make sure to go big or go home with a beehive cemented into place with plenty of hair spray! So, what do you think? Are you ready to compete in the upcoming swing dance competition? Maybe what you need is the right hairdo to get you grooving!Design & DetailsThis Made By Us wig will have you swinging in no time! Designed by our creative team, this beehive is two-toned with blond and brown hair to make your character distinct. A sweet pink bow sets off the high “hive” section of the hair to show off its buoyant shape. Do you want to become a musical dancing star? There’s no need to take out a loan for all the hair spray you’d need to set your own beehive just right. Do it the modern way and slip this sleek beehive on your head! We can’t wait to see how this wig moves you!

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