Toy Story Jessie Deluxe Tutu Costume


Have your kiddo looking just like their favorite Toy Story character, Jessie, when you get them this Toy Story Jessie Deluxe Tutu Costume. This Toy Story Jessie Deluxe Tutu Costume will have feeling and looking like the most adorable yodeling cowgirl arou

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Decisions, DecisionsAhhh. Your child has been going back and forth, back and forth, back and forth for weeks. She wants to be Jessie from Toy Story. And who could blame her? The rootinest, tootinest cowgirl around would make an awesome costume! But…she also really, really wants to wear a princess dress. And, well, Jessie doesn’t. But you know what’s amazing about Halloween? And we mean the absolute best part about the whole holiday? Anything you want to become is possible! So, voila—this Deluxe Toy Story Jessie Tutu Costume is here to prove our point. You can quit waiting for her to stop waffling back and forth. Now, your little one can turn herself into Jessie and wear a princess dress, all at once! Product DetailsThis look does a great job of capturing Jessie’s tough gal essence and can-do spirit, in a dress! She can still ride on Bullseye and help Woody with his grand adventures, but she looks oh-so-pretty, too. The yellow and white bodice and gauntlets mimic Jessie’s signature shirt from the film, with scrolling embroidery-inspired details and her “belt” buckle. The skirt is a glittery blue tulle with a cow-print trim on the hem that looks like Jessie’s original pants. The little cowgirl hat attaches via a headband. Have It AllYour child has years and years of tough decision-making heading her way. Before you know it, she’ll be adulting with the best of them. So enjoy this moment when you can give your child the gift of not having to choose. She can be everything she wants this Halloween! Yee-haw! 

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