Toy Story Bo Peep Girls Classic Costume


Let your girl relive your favorite Nursery Rhyme, or our favorite porcelain figure, in the Toy Story Girls Bo Peep Classic Costume. Featuring blue pants, a matching blouse, a navy cape, and matching pink bows and belts, she’ll be both fashionable and func

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THE NEWEST SUPERHEROAll of the best heroes have an origin story that comes with a hint of surprise. They may have started as regular people but when strange events occur, they answer the call and stand up for something bigger than themselves! Maybe there is a mysterious accident that gives them unusual powers. Perhaps they awaken to the gifts that they always had. But, our favorites are the ones who see what needs to be done and go through the training to make it happen!Who would have ever expected that Little Bo Peep of Toy Story would go from the maiden of Andy’s Room to a kick-butt gal who is ready to help toys from all over the world find the home that they desperately needed? Just because she’s a porcelain doll designed to keep Molly’s lamp complete doesn’t mean that she isn’t more than capable of handling anything the world throws at her! (Though, we’re glad she knows a thing or two about bandages, just in case!) PRODUCT DETAILSToy Story 4 brings Bo Peep back in a major way and we know that your little one is going to love celebrating this porcelain doll turned superhero with this Bo Peep Classic costume. This is a blue, sleeveless jumpsuit with capri-like legs and ruffles on the stomach and calves. A pink sash and matching headband bow accents this sweet and innocent look. But, the dark blue cape lets any of the other toys know that your little Bo Peep means business! PORCELAIN ACTION HEROShe might look delicate, but Bo Peep knows just what she’s doing. Your kiddo is going to love the feel of this amazing character whether dressing up for the movie or heading out on Halloween to bring the sweets home for all of her favorite toy friends. 

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