Total Pig Face Mask


Become a pig with the Total Pig Face Mask. Featuring a realistic pig face on the front you’ll be saying oink in no time.

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Happy as a… Pigs are smart and happy animals if the conditions are right! Their interests go farther than eating slop and lounging in mud puddles. If pigs are hanging out together, they’re always talking. Scientists have found more than 20 different vocalizations. We wonder what they’re saying, probably giving each other tips on the best places to take a mud bath. And after all the socializing, when pigs get tired and drift off to sleep, they have dreams of their own. All this is to say, life as a pig wouldn’t be too bad!Product DetailsThis hyper-realistic face mask will help you transform into a pink, dirt-loving pig. The photo of the snout looks like it’s been rooting around in the dirt for a slightly unnerving feel. The interior of the mask has a pocket for a filter for extra protection. Soft nylon ear straps make it easy to slip this piggy face mask on in moments!Farm FreshWhether you want to wear something special to a 4H event at the State Fair or you’re looking for an unpredictable way to accent a butcher costume, this face mask is a great choice. Fresh from the farm, this mask is ready for fun!

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