Toil and Trouble Adult Halloween Sweatshirt


Get a spooky, stylish look for your next Halloween party when you wear this Toil and Trouble Halloween Sweatshirt for Adults. This sweatshirt features a big white skull on the front back dropped by a dark spooky forest.

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Into the Cauldron! What sorts of mysterious ingredients go into the brew that a witch stirs up over All Hallows Eve? You’ve heard all about the eye of newt and the other mysterious bits and bobs. Some say that it is just a tongue-in-cheek way to describe something as simple as a mustard seed. Others imagine that a witch’s familiar is giving up more than just its soul to make sure that those potions can do something wondrous! But, if you take it from the Coven that keeps things running here in our warehouse, you’ll see that there’s an even bigger bit of magic at work every time the pot is stirred! Design & DetailsDon’t be caught outside the fun this season! Join the coven and keep yourself in style when you wear this Toil and Trouble Halloween Sweater! This is a Made by Us design that took quite the magic eye to conjure up! You’ll be able to dispel the cold while feeling enchanted and cozy thanks to the fleece material and the spooky design on the front! Do you see a couple sweet witches going about their evening magic or is there something a little more haunting going on!? A Watched PotThey say that a cauldron will never boil if you stare too long, but you’ll have folks peering in to see the details in this magical Scary Halloween Sweater! 

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