Toe Tappin’ Flapper Plus Size Women’s Costume


Look just like a 1920’s darling in this exclusive Toe Tappin’ Flapper Plus Size Women’s Costume. This costume features a black lace top with a burgundy velvet skirt to give you a flirty vintage look. Available in sizes 1X through 4X.

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There are two types of people out there. There are people who can’t stand the scream of the horn, the squeak of the clarinet, and the wailing of the saxophone, they’re totally missing out. Then there are those folks who are instantly transported by the sounds of jazz. The unpredictable melody takes them to a place they may have never even experienced: the speakeasy.  It’s not hard to picture those roaring 1920s soirees. There would be a full brass band in front of an exposed brick wall with low lighting and a smoky atmosphere. It would be in a dark basement without a hint of the grimy nature of those clandestine college parties you may or may not be familiar with. The classy nature of those 1920s parties were helped along by people who were dressed to the nines. There were no t-shirts and jeans at these affairs, in fact, it would have been hard to find a gentleman that didn’t rock a fedora. If you’re one of those people who loves those jazzy tones than you’re ready to take a luxurious trip down memory lane.  Whether you’re going out dancing with a couple fellow flappers or you’re breaking out the Charleston at a Halloween bash you’ll love this richly textured ensemble. This dress has an asymmetrical velvet skirt and a black lace overlay. When you put on your jaunty cap you’d look right at home in 1920s New York. Pair it with a feather boa and you’ll feel perfectly jazzy. 

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