Toddler’s Velociraptor Costume


Your toddler can terrorize the neighborhood this Halloween in this exclusive Velociraptor Costume for Toddlers! This toddler costume is perfect for your dino-loving little one.

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Everything Small is CutePuppies are cute, kittens are cute, and the tiny, little skinks that are baby velociraptors are cute, too! Sure, they could probably take the flesh off a full-grown horse in about five seconds flat, making them the equivalent of a land piranha, but that doesn’t make them any less adorable!Perhaps you can relate just a bit, every time you look down at a certain hungry little monster, demanding their munchies no matter the time of day. Some say that you should avoid human kiddos. Sure, they might not get you with their sharp little teeth like velociraptor babies, but they’ve got a scream that could make a raptor head back to “roaring class” to pick up some new tips! Still, they’re just friggen adorable! That made us wonder…Design & DetailsWhat would happen if you combined the killer cuteness of the rascal raptor with your tyke’s adorable antics? Our Made By Us design team is here to answer that question with this Toddler Velociraptor Costume. You’ll start with a brown and black jumpsuit made of comfy flannel and printed to show off the stripes of one of history’s favorite dinosaurs.A stuffed tail is sewn to the rear that will wag around with every move your little one makes and attached mitts and stuffed shoe covers give them claws that are safe and cute. The hood fastens with hook and loops and features big eyes and felt teeth. So, all we can say is that you should be prepared for the first time they sound their raptor roar. It might actually be too adorable for words.

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