Toddler’s Red Crayon Costume


Everyone could use a little color in their life! Pick up this Toddler’s Red Crayon Costume for all your colorful needs! Just be sure they don’t draw on the walls!

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Bold BehaviorIf you had to choose 3 words to describe your toddler, they’d be: adventurous, fiery, and bold. Rarely does a school day go by when your kiddo isn’t sent home from daycare with a slip explaining why their pants have a new tear or stain on the knees or seat. Typically, they were the only one to find the mud puddle hidden behind the shrubs that run along the fence. When you address them about it and explain that wandering away from their teachers and diving into bushes everyday isn’t safe, they launch into what could be a 3-page paper on why it is, in fact, okay. They even try to explain why it’s better that they continue to adventure outside of their classmates’ and teachers’ eyeline. Then, every morning, when you readdress the rules of school before sending them off in their unique, mismatched, self-styled outfit, they smile with a mischievous twinkle in their eyes.Product DetailsWhen your little one came to you at a loss for what they wanted to be for Halloween you were slightly perplexed. Their go-to suggestions of explorer, dragon, or even an all-powerful fairy weren’t cutting it apparently, but you weren’t sure what would. Luckily, you found this Toddler’s Red Crayon Costume and we have to say it sounds perfect for your kiddo! The simple 2-piece ensemble turns your toddler into a bright red crayon that’s ready to leave a mark on the world—or at least another blank wall. With the cone-shaped hat on the top of their head and the tube-shaped, crayon wrapper printed tunic secured around their shoulders, they’re sure to stand out from the crowd.Color the Town RedWhether your toddler is coloring the world red at playtime or you’re hoping the bright color will keep them visible even if they dive into the bushes while trick-or-treating, this Red Crayon Costume for toddlers is the choice for you and yours!

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