Toddler Wooly Lion Costume


Roar! Your child will be the cutest lion on the block, and in the jungle, this Halloween season with this adorable exclusive Toddler Wooly Lion Costume!

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Hear Me ROARAhhh, toddlers. You gotta love them. One moment they are cuddled up on the couch, cozy in your arms and reading a book, and the next moment they have collapsed into a puddle of tears on the floor because they don’t like how you pronounced the word “ROAR.” Sigh. What can we say? They are both the coolest — and most ferocious — little beasts out there. Why not give your little king of the jungle a look that suits them this Halloween? This Toddler Wooly Lion Costume is a cute and clever way to let them ROAR their own way, all day long. So they can throw a tantrum about something else, at least — like which color cup to drink from!Design & DetailsOur in-house costume team took every care to design and craft a look that’s worthy of your little lion, and we think they’ve nailed it! The jumpsuit zips in front to allow your kiddo to try to get dressed all by themselves, and the attached tail and hood, as well as slip-on mitts, create an instant lion where your child used to be. Not to mention, this costume will totally keep your kid cozy on a cold October night as they roam and hunt for candy!Savor the MomentIn all seriousness, though, we know your tot is your whole world, and those wild outbursts are all really normal, so just sit back, relax, and watch them prowl your neighborhood this Halloween. They are only this small once, so let your kiddo’s big personality shine in this sweet and powerful look!  

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