Toddler Tweedle Dee/Dum Dress Costume


Dress your little one in this Toddler Tweedle Dee and Dum Dress Costume this Halloween. She can wear it herself or partner up with someone to complete the look.

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Big Mad FunThere are few children better prepared to play two roles than your toddler. They have a huge personality that they can’t help but share with anyone that’ll listen to their nonsense jokes and mischievous giggles. A favorite for your toddler is greeting houseguests with contradictory instructions, “Your coat goes on the couch. Please have a seat in our cozy closet!” When you ask your toddler a question—though, you keep hoping it will change—they answer with a question of their own. Nothing is normal, and everything is strange. But you kind of love it!Your wacky tot’s sense of humor and fun makes playtime an adventure—every time. Their stuffed animals and action figures don’t stick to their day jobs. They enjoy wild teatimes under crowded blanket forts. The toy train doesn’t chug along a direct course. It goes in circles and loops and discovers new fantasy lands, all at the behest of your little one’s slightly mad imagination.Design and DetailsGet your little dreamer dressed for the role that matches their larger-than-life personality with this Made By Us Toddler’s Tweedle Dee/Dum Dress Costume! Inspired by the goofy charmers from Alice’s Wonderland, this adorable costume is just whimsical enough to support your precocious preschooler. Featuring a shirt with an attached Peter Pan collar and bow tie to layer under the skirt with attached suspenders, your toddler is transformed into the playful pair without fuss. With the Tweedle Dee/Tweedle Dum hat and perfectly flowy red circle skirt, your toddler will be twirling their way to even more wondrous fun in this exclusive costume!Tweedle Trick or Tweedle TreatWhether you’re completing an Alice in Wonderland family costume or you want a costume that encourages your child’s wacky personality, this Toddler’s Tweedle Dee/Dum Dress has you covered! As Tweedle Dee and or Tweedle Dum, your toddler will look twice as nice for some trick-or-treat fun!

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