Toddler Tiger Costume


Your toddler can transform into a ferocious feline this Halloween with this exclusive Tiger Costume for Toddlers! This costume jumpsuit is perfect for your little one.

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Is your little tiger intrigued by in-depth nature documentaries about jungles? Is their destination of choice always the zoo? If they can’t get enough of the big cats in this world than they will love this striking tiger costume. You might invest in this so that they can stalk the streets on Halloween night but rest assured that once your little one has their claws in this ensemble they’re going to want to play dress up all the time! Hey, there are worst animals to live with than this tiger, tiger burning bright!It’s easy to transform into the majestic predator. The jumpsuit zips up the back and comes with matching shoe covers and a headpiece that secures closed with a hook and eye touch strip. The mittens are attached to the jumsuit with a flap so there’s no need to worry about misplacing them. Now all you need to do is put some cat makeup on your kiddo’s face and you guys will be ready to roll. A word of advice, watch your back, you never know when your little tiger could be lurking in coat closets!

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