Toddler Stitch Costume


No matter where you are, the town is going to have a tough time being terrorized when your little one dons this adorable Toddler Stitch Costume this Halloween.

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Exasperating ExtraterrestrialWhen you have a toddler, some days, you might feel like they destroy everything they touch. They try to help you make lunch, but they spill their milk all over the floor. They want to play with your great-aunt Marge’s heirloom teacup, but they crack it on the table. Or maybe you finally send them outside and they somehow get grass stains in the armpit of their brand-new jacket. (Like seriously, how does that even happen?) If any of this sounds like something your child has done, perhaps they’d enjoy dressing like Stitch for Halloween this year. Although Stitch has a change of heart once he becomes part of Lilo’s family, he still struggles to overcome his destructive programming. We know your child has the best of intentions, but sometimes mistakes still happen. However, we hope they learn and grow from those experiences, just like Stitch!Product DetailsThis Toddler Stitch Halloween Costume is the perfect choice for any child who enjoys a little bit of mischief. The jumpsuit is made of soft velour fabric and makes transforming simple with a hook and loop fastener in the center back. The hood features Stitch’s adorable eyes, nose, and ears, but leaves it to your child to provide the teeth. It also has a hook and loop fastener under the chin and even includes Stitch’s little tuft of hair on top!Cute, Fluffy, and ChaoticYour child will have lots of fun collecting candy and stealing everyone’s left shoe in this Toddler Stitch Halloween Costume! Check out our other Lilo and Stitch costumes to get the whole family in on the fun or have everyone choose their favorite Disney character for a magical Halloween. We think that when it comes to little blue destructive aliens, you can’t find any that are cuter than Stitch!

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