Toddler Spooky Voodoo Doll Costume


Your toddler can get all dolled up this Halloween with our exclusive Spooky Voodoo Doll Costume for Toddlers! This cute and spooky Halloween costume is perfect for your toddler.

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The Witch’s Home We’re pretty sure that the last owner of this abandoned house was a voodoo witch. The kitchen is full of jars with strange potions, and the basement is stuffed with animal skeletons and unusual herbs. While a lot of voodoo practitioners get a bad name for the scary curses they cook up, this witch seems to have been a helpful sort. Her spell book that we found downstairs is full of concoctions with names like “Love Charm” and “Cure for Sleeplessness.” Plus, we found this adorable doll hiding in the attic! Something so cute could hardly be a curse aid, right? Well…it does seem to have pins poking out of key places. Maybe it was used for a sinister purpose. But it’s so sweet that whoever it was meant for probably wouldn’t have minded. Product Details Your child can play it cute or creepy in this exclusive Spooky Voodoo Doll Costume for Toddlers! The one-piece jumpsuit zips up the back for easy dressing and is made of soft beige material that’s cozy to wear. It’s printed with stitch detail on the chest, legs, and attached shoe covers, along with graphics of oversized pins and a crimson heart. The attached mitts flip back to expose the hands whenever your child needs it, such as digging the perfect piece of candy out of a bowl. The matching hood fastens under the chin and is printed with button doll “eyes.” Magically Irresistable Your kid won’t need pins to cast a spell this Halloween! Everyone will fall under his or her power just by getting a glimpse of all this cuteness. 

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