Toddler Siamese Cat Costume


Your toddler’s next costume party is sure to be meow-gical in this fun Siamese cat costume.

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Does your toddler have a tendency to knock his sippy cup off the table as soon as your back is turned? Does your little girl love milk but hate taking showers? Sure, it can be frustrating to live with a toddler. They have peculiar habits but keep in mind that there are some people who choose to live with creatures that have these peculiar habits and will never grow out of them, no matter how many times you spritz them when they scratch the furniture. Maybe cats never got over those hundreds of years they were worshiped by the Egyptians. Maybe they just know they can get away with anything. If you think about it a few broken water glasses isn’t a huge price to pay for having wild, untrainable but oh so cute predators in our homes. When you dress your kid as a sassy Siamese cat, they’re bound to pick up some of that kitty confidence. They’ll learn to land on their feet (metaphorically) and they have a higher chance of becoming emphatic bird watchers. And to make their cat-like countenance even better than the real kitty, your kiddo kitty is naturally declawed! This adorable costume will be great for Halloween or just playing pretend around the house. The plush jumpsuit comes with kitty paw gloves, a cat hood, and boot covers. The hood gives your kitten a wide-eyed look and has soft pink ears that highlight the alert look of the Siamese cat. Even if you find your knitting yarn strewn all over the house how could you blame your kiddo cat? Everything that little nipper does is purr-fection.

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