Toddler Ride-In Train Costume


Everything you need is included in this Toddler Ride-In Train Costume. This toddler costume feature a one size fits most train engine, bandanna, and hat.

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Choo! Choo!Hear that? It’s the sound of your child making train whistle noises and chugging sounds. It’s the train phase. It’s completely normal for most toddlers to go through it. Usually, it means that they can’t stop watching cartoons about trains. They want to ride on trains. They also acquire an obsession for any and all trains within a 10-mile radius and they often want to build tracks that span through the entire house.So, what should you do about it? Encourage it, of course! After all, trains are awesome! They’re a symbol of human ingenuity and they can transport people and goods long distances without skipping a beat. We think that your child is right for being completely in awe of the giant machines and maybe it’s time you got on board the locomotive enthusiasm train. It also gives you the opportunity to dress your little one up in this Train Costume for toddlers, which provides plenty of opportunities for some very adorable pictures to add to your scrapbook!Product DetailsThis Train Costume is a cute costume for any child who loves locomotives. It comes with a polyfoam tunic that’s shaped like a classic steam-powered train. It even has a cowcatcher on the front and large red wheels on the side. The tunic is one size fits most, intended for sizes 3T to 6 years. The costume also comes with a conductor style hat, which has an elastic band in the back for a snug fit. The bandana can be tied loosely around your child’s neck for an authentic steam train conductor look!Keep on Chugging AlongThis quick and easy costume is a great choice for any child who loves trains, but it’s also a great dress up costume that will have your little one chugging through the neighborhood!

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