Toddler RCMP Canadian Mountie Costume


Meet one of Canada’s finest officers in this Toddler Canadian Mountie Costume! This exclusive costume is available in child sizes too.

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Many of us spend the bulk of our lives wondering what we want to be when we grow up. We’ve got a ton of options and every year we live only seems to give us a few additional options. Unfortunately, not all of us get to really leap towards our most desired occupations until later in life. Sometimes, we didn’t even know that such a job was available until it was … well, just a little later than we would have liked.For a lot of us, that meant we spent at least a few hours (or months) looking at the public service of law enforcement. But while those uniforms are pretty amazing, we were just a little unimpressed. We wanted some color. We wanted to feel really special. But, what sort of options are there out there for a tyke who wants to get into that kind of profession!? Fortunately for the tykes of this age, we adults can offer a bit more of the world than we might have had as kids! You can start them off with one very important quote: The Mountie always gets his man“The Mountie always gets his man” because they have a reputation for catching the criminals they’re after. For sure, they do. And they’re always looking for good recruits to protect and serve. And we’re happy to serve you and your kiddo with this toddler Canadian Mountie costume. The red poplin jacket has regulation gold buttons, and black velvety epaulets, collar and cuffs. Black pants have proper padding and that distinctive yellow stripe down the side. There’s a faux leather belt and shoulder strap to wrap the Red Serge uniform costume up. All you will need to do is find a flat-brimmed hat for your little Mountie to wear. But, do be warned: your kiddo will definitely be asking for a horse to finish off the look!

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