Toddler Pig Costume


Your little one will squeal over this cute pig costume for toddlers! This exclusive costume is perfect for Halloween or plays!

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Does your little one sometimes act like he was raised in a barn? Is he also almost too adorable to stay mad at? Well, then we’ve got the perfect costume for him to run around in this Halloween. Grab this Toddler Pig Costume and let your kiddo run around the neighborhood yelling wee-wee-wee all the way home.This pink jumpsuit will make your youngster the cutest piglet in town. He’ll be sure to get plenty of goodies with some heartfelt ‘oinks’. Just make sure you keep an eye out for mud piles, everybody knows how much pigs love rolling around in the mud! Also, what a lot of people don’t know, pigs are very smart animals. So don’t be too down on yourself if your little one outsmarts ya once or twice in this costume. Another fun fact about pigs, that should be no surprise, is that they have an excellent sense of smell. Once you strap the piggy headpiece on your toddler’s head, he’ll have no problem sniffing out the tastiest treats around the block. Oh and probably at home too… so make sure to keep those snacks in high places! Just because your little one is going to look cuter than the average piggy doesn’t mean he has to weigh more than the average piggy too.Take a look at the rest of our pig costumes and the whole family can storm the streets as the cutest sounder of swine anyone has ever seen. Just make sure your little piglet practices his oinking and squealing!

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