Toddler Mad Scientist Costume


Bring the crazy from the lab to your next spot with this Mad Scientist Costume for Toddlers! Conduct any and all of your wild experiments with big bang!

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Brilliant but DangerousYour kid has always been curious. In fact, her enthusiasm when it comes to her brand of “the scientific method” scares you a little bit. The moment you turn your back she’ll have her crayons in the microwave and a clipboard in her hands, making notes that mostly consist of her name written in shaky kindergartener handwriting. You’ve caught her trying to dye the dog with Kool-Aid and you’ve seen her attempting to catch a squirrel in the backyard with a homemade trap (you only assume she wanted a lab rat). The way she was staring at her brother last night at dinner, you’re pretty sure she was trying to use some kind of mind control to make him eat her unwanted broccoli.Design & DetailsThis bright and colorful Mad Scientist Costume is Made By Us which means it’s designed by our in-house creative team with quality in mind. Your child will love the lab coat printed with test tubes of mysterious concoctions, chemicals from the Table of Elements, wild drips of color, and even a loose lab rat! The lab coat is layered over a fit and flare dress with a wildly patterned top and bright green swing skirt. Topped off with a pair of swirling goggles and green gloves, your little scientist will feel electric with delight when she sees this costume!Proceed with CautionWith your brilliant kid’s dangerous past in mind, maybe you should hold off on entering her in the next science fair until she reigns in her maniacal tendencies. In the meantime, this Mad Scientist Costume is a great way to warn the world that they better watch out before they become part of your kiddo’s next experiment! Just be careful when she’s wearing this. If you see lightning bolts zapping your house, then she’s definitely creating a monster best friend in her lab/ bedroom!

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