Toddler Girl’s Veterinarian Costume


Got a little one who likes to pretend play she’s the family pet’s doctor? Help boost that imaginative play with our Toddler Girl’s Veterinarian Costume!

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A real animal loverDoes your little girl just love animals? We bet she wants to be a vet when she grows up! She probably imagines all the fun ways that vets get to take care of animals, and we hope you nurture that passion. Be sure to explain to her all the studying she’ll have to do, from her undergraduate schooling to her veterinary schooling. Does she hate homework now? Well, just wait until she gets to final exams week! It will take eight years of intense and stressful study to earn her veterinary license.But all that school will be worth it when she gets to start doing her job! Tell her all about how fun it is to give puppies shots, and spay kittens, and treat Fluffy’s ringworms. Don’t forget to describe what it’s like to deal with problems like Fido’s kidney tumor and Mr. Whiskers’ heart murmur. There are so many fun things she gets to look forward to, like cleaning out kitties’ litterboxes and euthanizing old Shadow when he can’t walk to his food bowl anymore. There’s no wonder she wants to be a vet when she grows up! It’s so heartwarming!Product DetailsEncourage your future little euthanizer to follow her dreams with this Toddler Girl’s Veterinarian Costume. The exclusive costume includes a lab coat and pants. The white coat is 100 percent polyester and features cute pink trim along the front and sleeve cuffs, along with cute graphics like a bone and a caduceus (she’ll totally understand what it is). The pink pants have an all-over paw-print design and an elastic waistband for comfy fit.Helping animals in needWith this costume, all your little animal lover will need to fulfill her veterinary passion is a stethoscope, a syringe, eight years of school and $200,000 in student loans!

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