Toddler Fish Costume


This exclusive Toddler Fish Costume is a detailed and unique design for transforming your child into an underwater creature.

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Is he destined to become a super swimmer? Let’s get him a paddling upgrade by getting some fins on him! Our exclusive Fish Costume for toddlers will give any little boy or girl fins on their arms and feet to help them swim, and of course a dorsal fin on their head and back to have them looking cool! They’ll be ready to paddle the ocean blue, swim upstream to hang out with all their friends in the river, or even to cool off in your local lake.Soooooo that might be a stretch of the imagination since this costume won’t actually help them swim, they’re sure to imagine life beneath the sea when they have this vibrant look to go in. With an over-sized soft sculpted fish heat, they’re sure to be ready to become a part of a ocean themed group, or to even become a family of fishes. Maybe they’ll even be ready to help “find” one of their fishy friends!A fleece jumpsuit will keep your family’s newest finned friend comfortable. Zip up front means its easy to get your boy or girl in and out of #fishmode, and you complete the transformation by securing the headpiece around their neck with Hook and Loop fastener. This costume was designed right here by our costume crafters, and is only available right here. With size 4T for your little guy or gal, and availability in child, adult, and plus, you’ll be able to outfit your entire family with green fins. Set them up with this fun look, and the only thing you’ll have to worry about after that is where to start swimming!

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