Toddler Deluxe Cheshire Cat Costume


Your Toddler will look adorable in this Deluxe Cheshire Cat Costume. Whether creeping around by himself in the mystical world of Wonderland, or going as part of a tandem with a sibling or friend as Alice, this costume is sure to bring a smile to the face

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Does your kiddo have a mischievous grin and an odd fascination for perplexing conversation? Well, why not use that to his advantage this Halloween. Dress your youngster up as a character that encapsulates his personality. One of our favorites is Carroll’s famous vanishing feline! Check out this awesome Toddler Deluxe Cheshire Cat Costume.Personally made by us, this costume will leave your little one with a smile from ear to ear. With an adorable jumpsuit, your kiddy will have cute strips and a fluffy tail just like Wonderland’s infamous kitty. A pair of furry mitts and booties will nearly complete this enchanting outfit. Once you top off the costume with the lovable fur hood, his transformation will be finished! He can finally go around hanging out in trees waiting for unsuspecting travelers to pass by underneath, which he can then enjoy annoying and baffling with random riddles and philosophical points. All your tiny tot will need to master before Halloween comes around is the Cheshire Cat’s signature move. We are obviously talking about his habit of disappearing and leaving nothing but a devious smirk floating off into nothing.If you want to help your kiddo look even cattier, then take a look at our makeup kits. You can go all out and cover his face with cosmetics so he matches the pinkish purplish color of the rest of this guise. Although, simply grabbing a little bit of black face paint to add some whiskers is completely fine too. Either way, we’re sure your feisty little feline will have no problem bringing this amazing character to life!

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