Toddler Darling Little Deer Girl’s Costume


Get your little one ready for the outdoors with this exclusive Toddler Darling Little Deer Girl’s Costume. Just don’t let them go running in the woods, that is unsafe.

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A Frolicking FawnHave you ever noticed that your kiddo is a bit of two different creatures all at once? They can be so calm, sweet, and innocent. You know those moments when they are bundled up, watching something they love with their giant and adoring eyes? They get the same way when they are pooped out, snuggled up in the blanket and trying their hardest to stay awake. (Heck, they’re even kinda cute when they go full sprawl and snore mode.) Then, of course, there is the other side. The mischievous one. The boundless energy side of them. You know those moments where they can zip back and forth between every room and practically avoid touching the ground while they leap from place to place? We think that children like this are basically little deer. One moment, peaceful and able to make your heart sing. The next, you can only watch with fascination at how fast they move. Yup, no question! Design & DetailsIf you’ve got a sneaking suspicion that you’ve been raising a frolicking fawn of your own, it’s time to lean into the fun with this Darling Little Deer costume for toddlers! This Made by Us design was put together in our in-house studio. It is a comfy jumpsuit that snaps up the back and is colored to look like a baby deer (while providing rear access, too). The headpiece has white spots, soft antlers, and even the look of a dozing fawn. (We can’t promise that’ll keep your kiddo ready for nap time, though!)  A Darling DeerYour toddler is already impossible not to cuddle, but when they are dressed up in this Darling Little Deer costume, you might find it irresistible! Keep him or her warm and doubled-up on adorable whether for Halloween or just to enjoy your favorite family film! 

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