Toddler Bruce Lee Costume


Your little Kung Fu fighter will be kickin it in this Toddler Bruce Lee Costume. He will have fun showing off a few moves in this comfortable jumpsuit that can be worn time and time again.

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The Path Begins with a Single StepIt takes a lot to be a kung fu master. You must have years of training. You must hone your mind. You must learn self-discipline. And you must also master a ton of super cool moves! It’s a long journey, but it’s never too early to take those first steps. Even your toddler could become the next Bruce Lee!Just imagine that—your child doing flying sidekicks, fighting against ninja, and kicking some major butt! Why that’s enough to put a tear in your eye. You could start his training now. First, you can teach him how to shout, “HIIYAAA!” like a real martial arts master. Then, you could teach him your secret kung-fu chop. You know, for if he ever has to fight any evil ninja. Once he’s mastered both of those techniques, then maybe you can start teaching him how to wield nunchucks! Of course, first, you’ll need to get him the outfit of a true martial arts master, like this toddler Bruce Lee costume!Design & DetailsThis officially licensed costume turns your toddler into the legendary founder of Jeet Kune Do! It’s a bright yellow jumpsuit that recreates his look from the movie Game of Death. It has black stripes and a zipper in the back. The costume also comes with a black wig, styled like Bruce Lee’s haircut from the film. When your child wears the outfit, there’s no telling how far he’ll go!Time to TrainJust remember to take it slow when you train your child to be the next Bruce Lee! This costume might make your child look like the legendary martial artist, but he’s going to need plenty of training if he wants to be able to defeat bad guys with some precise kung-fu kicks!

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