Toddler and Kids MLP Movie Sunny Starscout Costume


Travel to the enchanting world of My Little Pony with the Toddler and Kids MLP Movie Sunny Starscout Costume! Let your little ponies come to life with the Toddler and Kids MLP Movie Sunny Starscout Costume!

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Spur of the MomentPlanning never was your strong suit, so when you decided to throw a birthday party for Twilight Sparkle, you knew that you could get everything done with plenty of time to spare! You roller-bladed over to get the cake, pranced right to gift store for the present, and cantered all the way over to deliver everything in less than an hour!As you expected, Twilight was delighted and she sparkled more than ever! You two had a ball of a time just hanging out and bringing a little magic back into the world. But maybe a little planning would be better next time so you wouldn’t forget to invite all the guests!Don’t Get Colt FeetWhatever struggles might befall you, you will look great in this MLP Movie Toddler/Child Sunny Starscout Costume. The dress has all the right colors that Sunny has in the movie, as well as a picture of Sunny herself printed on it! The ruffles and frills of the dress are the perfect way to make you look as pretty as you will feel. The wig and ears will make you feel like prancing around in the sun, even if you do it on two legs instead of four!Sunny Side UpIf you are looking for the perfect My Little Pony Sunny Starscout costume for your child, then you are in the right place. This costume has all the colors and details from the show that will make your child feel just as magical and awesome as Sunny. Seeing your child run around like Sunny trying to make the world a better place will be just as wonderful as it sounds!

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