Toddler 80’s Workout Girl Costume


This exclusive 80’s Workout Girl Costume for toddlers will take you back to an era of neon clothing and Jazzercise!

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Don’t break a sweat looking for the perfect 80s look! This exclusive toddler 80s workout girl costume has a fun retro style that’s perfect for your little one who loves to sweat. And somehow, she never gets tired! She’s like magic, especially when she puts an old work out video in the dusty VCR and starts sweating to some of Richard Simmon’s upbeat workouts. If your little whippersnapper does jumping jacks just for fun and toe touches just because she’s “bored,” then this costume is right up her alley. Push ups, pull ups, leg lifts, crunches, and stretches are all fun, motivating exercises that all little kids can complete. They’ll love doing their workout even more while they’re dressed as a classic 80’s workout girl. Trust us, costumes make every activity more fun. Neon legwarmers, off the shoulder sweatshirts, and sleeveless leotards are all components to this super cute costume. Cheery little girls will love wearing the stretchy leotard with two stripes going across the bottom. The hot pink sweatshirt is cut across the neckline to give off that sporty-girl vibe. The teal leggings have an elastic waistband so they’ll be comfortable to wear while she completes her toe touches. The hot pink legwarmers are the cute finishing touch on this 80’s themed ensemble. Tie a pony-tail in her hair, pop in an old workout video, and watch her do her thing! Throw on some of your favorite 80’s jams and make sure you have your phone ready. You’ll want to record all of this so you can watch it again when she’s all grown up!

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