Tinman Chin


In addition to a heart, you’ll also need a chin. This exclusive Tin Woodsman Chin Accessory is a affordable way to transform into your favorite character.

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Everyone knows the best way to look like the humble Tin Woodsman from The Wizard of Oz is to get your hands on a good costume, and practice moving like you’ve got broomsticks attached to your arms and legs (or, tie actual sticks to them if you don’t have time to practice). But what about those special little details that make you look extra convincing?Well, if you’re talking about metal joints that squeak when they get wet, you’re on your own, but if it’s the Woodsman’s trademark strong jawline you’re looking for, our exclusive Tin Woodman Chin Accessory has got you covered! This plastic prosthetic gives you the look of a steely jawed adventurer, and blends together with your silver face paint. Don’t forget our matching Tin Woodsman Nose and Hat to complete your metallic costume, and practice your charming tin grin!

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