Tiger Stripes Face Mask


Stay safe and have fun with the Tiger Stripes Face Mask. Featuring very realistic tiger stripes on the mask.

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Grin with a GrowlNature is loud. The jungle is full of squawking birds, splashing water, chirping frogs, and rumbling thunder. All of these noises help the mighty tiger sneak through the underbrush without being heard. Tigers are the true king of the jungle. They have free reign. They can easily climb trees and slip into the water for a swim. And when it’s time to go hunting, the tigers can spring into a sprint that’s over 35 miles per hour. It’s no wonder that we little humans want to slip into tiger stripes whenever possible. This striped tiger facemask is a powerful way to transform into a jungle predator. No matter where you’re headed you can add a little power to your grin with big cat stripes!Product DetailsThis tiger print face mask will make you safe and stylish all at once. The double-layer has an inside pocket for a filter. Elastic bands slip over your ears to keep the mask safely over your mouth and nose even as you stock your prey (aka: fill the cart at the grocery store). Pair this striped face mask with a tiger costume or match it with your everyday wardrobe and you’ll be ready to let your inner big cat shine!

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