Thomas Edison Mens Costume


Go to your next costume party dressed as a famous inventor in the Mens Thomas Edison costume.

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A Lightbulb MomentWe know you’re a brilliant inventor. Just look at that machine you created that can butter bread while also brushing your teeth? (That one took a few trips to the hospital before you perfected it!) And don’t you hold a patent for a mega-jumbo-automatic flyswatter that can smash all the flies in a room at once? (Yes, it also smashes all your furniture, but don’t be negative!) Now, if you could only perfect your spring-soled shoes that also do your taxes as you bounce to work, you know you’d earn the fame and fortune you deserve!But be careful… There are other inventors out there who are eager to steal your ideas. Just look at Thomas Edison. He stole your lightbulb idea right before you were about to patent it! Well… he did come up with the idea of using electricity while you were trying to use raspberry jelly. But he definitely stole the overall idea! And now he has a Congressional Gold Award and you just have a drawer full of sticky lightbulbs.We can’t give you all the fame and fortune you deserve for your brilliant inventions, but we can make you the most well-known person in the room with this Men’s Thomas Edison Costume. Yes, technically, you’ll be dressing up like your greatest rival, but we promise it’s only until your Dual-Action-Washing-Machine-and-Meat-Grinder earns you the Nobel Prize you deserve.Product DetailsThis exclusive Men’s Thomas Edison Costume includes a black overcoat, pants, a vest and collar combo and a matching bowtie. The pants have an elastic waistband for comfy wear, while the bowtie includes a hook-and-loop fastener to tie behind your neck. The vest features black buttons down the front and faux pockets. All that it’s missing is one of Edison’s inventions to show off with it!Eureka!Once you put on this Men’s Thomas Edison Costume, you will be sure to be the most famous figure at any costume party… and you might just think up another brilliant invention while you’re at it!

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