The Women’s Dragon Beauty Costume


Turn heads at your next costume party with the Women’s Dragon Beauty Costume. Complete with a wig, you’re sure to be the life of the next party.

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The Dragon Queen Reborn!Legends have told of the great queen of the dragons for ages. She flew over the skies with brilliant white and platinum scales, both a mark of hope and terror all at once. She created a brood of mighty drakes that joined her and seemed to assure dominance over the whole of the land. And, then, mysteriously… gone. No great battle robbed her from us. No advanced technology was fired into the skies to steal away her wings. She just… vanished! Now, people have long sought to answer what happened to the illustrious dragon queen. Excavations have been sent to the few places thought to have been her lair, though nothing has ever come. She and her dragons both faded into myth and even obscurity. But, some remain who remember her might and continue to pledge themselves. They believe the dragon queen merely shapeshifted! Taking human form, she walks among us, every bit as powerful and twice as lovely.Product DetailsWe all await the day that the dragon queen will appear and you may be the one to make those dreams a reality! With this gorgeous Dragon Beauty costume, you rise to a station higher than any mortal can. This costume is a dress that zips up the back and features elastic around the neckline makes for an easily worn off-the-shoulder style. Sheer fabric creates the illusion of glorious wings off your arms while the image of a dragon is embroidered on the top. Compliment the look with a platinum or silver wig or even add a crown of gold and gemstones to truly complete the look. Shapeshift for Supreme FunWho knows what glorious adventures await you at the next Halloween party or even your fantastic coronation when you’re wearing this Dragon Beauty costume. All we know is that we cannot wait to vow allegiance to your draconic might! 

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