The Toy Story Infant Alien Costume


Dress up to explore the earth as a foreigner with the Toy Story Infant Alien Costume. From infinity and beyond, come to the earth and be the favorite toy for some lucky kid.

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the Costume Wearer Has ChosenYour child’s luck is spot on. When their hand reaches into a bowl of strawberries they always come out with the best berry of the batch. Or when they put a quarter into that twisty candy machine you always end up putting your hand under their’s cause they’re bound to get an extra big scoop. You know that if your kid tried out the claw to pick up one of these aliens, they were sure to get lucky. And you know what? We’re sure that any three-eyed alien would be quite lucky to be picked by your kid. The squeaky toys would benefit from your child’s lucky picking skills. That means better toy companions caught at carnivals, lots of candy caught in parades (enough to share with their toys), not to mention super fun playmates. When aliens just embrace the claw, all playtime afterward is going to be a lot of fun. Hey, your kid can’t be nearly as bad as Sid!Product DetailsThis adorable alien costume looks like it’s straight out of Toy Story. The bright blue jumpsuit has a planet on the chest and is printed with a belt around the belly. It’s topped off with a green headpiece that has three eyes as well as those big ears and the antennae to make it seem like it’s straight out of the movies we know and love. The costume secures with hook and loop strips so it stays soft for comfortable all-night wear. Toying Around Are you ready to get into your kids into some of the favorite cartoon characters of your childhood? They’ll totally get into the series when you dress them in adorable Toy Story costumes. Train your child to simply say, “Ooooh” when neighbors open the door while trick-or-treating and your child might even get a few extra Mars bars!

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