The Shot Gun Drinking Accessory


Make any party fun with The Shot Gun! Load it up with your favorite beverage and take a shot! You will receive instructions for 3 different games too.

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Shots?Say, why do they call them shots anyways? It’s not like you’re shooting a basket and there usually isn’t a gun involved when you’re doing them. Shouldn’t we call them “tiny drinks” or “super gulps” or something? Or maybe we just need to change the delivery device. Instead of using a tiny glass to take a shot… perhaps we could use a specially designed gun to achieve the same effect, but in a much more dynamic way!Product DetailsEnter the Shot Gun. This handy little contraption helps you take a “shot” the way it was meant to be taken. It’s made out of hard molded plastic and features a chamber, which holds a small amount of your beverage of choice. Pull the trigger and the liquid is released! The small accessory also comes with instructions for 3 different games you can play using The Shotgun.Time to ReloadSpice up any party by doing some REAL shots. Load it up with your favorite alcohol and let the fun begin! It also makes for a great accessory to add to any cop costume, just be sure to abide by all of the liquor and toy weapon laws when brandishing this bad boy!

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